Stapleton Neighborhood

The Stapleton neighborhood was once the grounds of the Denver’s International Airport, which was named Stapleton International Airport. Now reclaimed and rebuilt, Stapleton is the biggest urban redevelopment project in the United States. At 4,700 acres and 30,000 residents, Stapleton is more of a community than a neighborhood. The oldest houses are only about seven years old, and developers continue to build new ones. Parks and playgrounds sprawl thorough the community making this neighborhood ideal for raising a family.  The community comes with its own schools, which are among the best in the city. Expect your neighbors to be families with children, who’s parents are immersed on their careers, or retirees. The main shopping center is Northfield, which features a comedy club, restaurants, shops and other things to do for kids. You can buy a small house in Stapleton for $400,000 and up.
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